hi, there
I’m Cassie, a UX & Visual designer based in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN.
Mobile App Prototype
Radiant is a learning game that encourages users to take control of their health and have fun while building a healthier life.
why it’s important:
exploring gamification
We got to dive into elements like progress tracking and rewards as a means to keep users coming back to our app.
advanced Figma features
I took initiative to learn new features like conditional statements to make our game prototype fully interactive.
research plan
We conducted 5 user interviews to learn about our audience & sent out a survey with 20 responses to see how people consume information about health and where they get it.

We discovered several themes that were consistent among most interview and survey responses:

Desire to improve personal health
Engaging and interactive
ways to learn new content
Progress tracking & rewards 
Maintaining motivation

insight statement
Anna needs to easily interact with personalized preventative care resources in a fun and engaging manner because it will benefit her future by decelerating health issues and improve her personal engagement in her health journey.

user persona

Anna Reynolds

26 Year Old Marketing Coordinator from Minneapolis, MN

Outgoing | Curious | Driven | Creative

Needs to stay motivated longer

Is getting older

Doesn’t know where to look for information about her health

Wants an engaging way to learn about preventative healthcare

Wants & Needs

Learn more about preventative care

Become consistent with healthy habits

Learn about health in an engaging way

Improve personal health & wellbeing

value proposition

Radiant is developing a preventative care education app that provides users with engaging, interactive elements and trustworthy information to learn more about their health and stay motivated towards lifelong healthy habits.
Went to the doctor for a check up
Doctor informed her she has early signs of cardiovascular disease
Doctor recommends making lifestyle changes
Anna is feeling down about the news
She talks to her friend about the news
Her friend recommends downloading Radiant
Anna downloads the Radiant app
She chooses to learn about cardiovascular disease prevention
Anna interacts with the app  & starts to feel more hopeful and positive!
featured project
UI Design &
High-Fidelity Prototype
Radiant is a learning game that encourages users to take control of their health and have fun while building a healthier life.
view project
the secret sauce
Utilizing my design background, I strive to create visually pleasing interfaces while continuously embracing new design trends and ensuring user-centric experiences.
Refined Design Eye
Always Curious
Prototyping Whiz

my favorite programs

An overview of my most commonly used software programs and how I utilize them in my UX & UI design workflows.
Adobe Illustrator Branding & Logo Design | Typography Studies | Complex & Visually Refined User Flows, Journey Maps, Empathy Maps
Miro Team Collaboration & Meetings | Low-Fi Research Analysis & Visualization
Adobe InDesign Presentation Design | Text-Heavy Wireframes
Figma & FigJam Wireframes | Prototypes | Team Coll aboration | User Flows | User Journey Maps | Empathy Maps | Affinity Diagrams | Data Visualization
Adobe Photoshop Design Mockups | Photo Re-Touching & Enhancing | File Modification
Adobe After Effects Video Editing | Motion Graphics Creation | Interaction Design | Video Mockups
gold star moments
" ... impressive
attention to detail ..."
Jack G.
Former Co-Worker
“Cassie’s exceptional skills and fun-loving nature are a great combo that makes her a valuable asset to any team. Cassie's expertise is evident in her consistently high-quality work which is met with impressive attention to detail. She effortlessly creates a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring everyone feels heard, valued, and supported. Cassie's positive attitude and enthusiasm bring a sense of energy to every project; a true team player. Without hesitation, I endorse Cassie as an outstanding professional who will greatly contribute to any organization or team.”
" ... vivacious personality and boundless energy ... "
Julie L.
Former Supervisor
“In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Cassie is one of those people. She is gifted, brilliant and an amazing designer. Her vivacious personality and boundless energy is a quality that truly would be an asset to any team. She was the designer I could always turn to ensure projects not only got done on time but did it with enthusiasm and proficiency.”
" ... a knack for finding & utilizing powerful tools ..."
David S.
Former Supervisor
“I wholeheartedly recommend Cassie Fulton, a former coworker and direct report, for any graphic design or UX/UI roles. Her technical ability is exceptional. Cassie has a knack for finding and utilizing powerful tools and features in any software she uses. She also has an incredible eye for design and attention to detail. Collaborative and reliable, Cassie is an invaluable asset to any team.”
" ... consistently delivering high-quality work ..."
Jeff K.
current Supervisor
"Cassie has shown remarkable versatility, navigating projects with vastly different scopes. What sets Cassie apart is her unwavering focus on results and prioritizing our partners' needs. Cassie's approach is refreshingly straightforward: where others might linger over semantics, she zeroes in on action, consistently delivering high-quality work under any circumstance. This pragmatic, get-things-done attitude has been instrumental in advancing our projects and strengthening our relationships with partners. Cassie's blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a no-nonsense approach to problem-solving has truly set a new standard within our team.

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